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Kinetic Symbolism

Artist’s Statement

What is Kinetic Symbolism?

I am an explorer, experimenting with the use of mediums and pursuing new ideas. Kinetic Symbolism is my interpretation of energy. Facial expressions are not important in these paintings because they distract the viewer from the graphics that depict motion. I abstract movement but do not paint "abstracts." Watching dancers through half closed eyes, focusing on one spot, I observed the figures moving in and out of my field of vision. The effect was almost stroboscopic but where the stroboscope freezes the action I saw one action meld into another in a fluid motion. In the painting color moves the eye, line reinforces eye movement, and the result is a combination both kinetic and symbolic.

My work, including past landscapes, shows the hand of the artist never looking like a color photograph. Joseph Kutch, author of Experience and Art wrote: "The artist selects and classifies what nature mingles in hideous confusion and in doing so he is, in one of his many ways, adapting the universe to our minds by presenting it in an order which our emotions can follow." My goal is to create an experience, unique in character, relevant, evoking positive emotion.

A blank canvas is not a challenge to me, pursuit of new ideas is a challenge.

Kinetic Symbolism ©1992 Marvin B. Turk

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